Acrylic Sheet, Mirror Silver (#M1248)

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Acrylic mirror sheets can be used as an alternative to traditional glass mirrors for many applications. Also known as clear mirror, these sheets can be easily cut, formed and fabricated like other acrylics. When laser cutting, we recommend reversing your artwork and cutting with the backing side up (mirrored side face down) for best results. 

Acrylic mirrors are manufactured by applying a metal finish to one side of an extruded acrylic sheet which is then covered with a painted backing to protect the mirror surface. Note that the mirror backing can be easily damaged by solvents and other chemicals. We recommend testing your application with small pieces first. This sheet is for indoor use only

Opacity Opaque
Surface Finish Glossy
Special Effect Mirror
Light Transmission 0%
Thickness Tolerance +/- 10%
Acrylic Type Extruded
Masking Film